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“To all the people of world”

Alicia Ali Marsden

To all the people of world

The people in Egypt are under governmental siege. Mubarak regime is banning Facebook, Twitter, and all other popular internet sites Now, the internet are completely blocked in Egypt. Tomorrow the government will block the 3 mobile phone network will be completely blocked.

And there is news that even the phone landlines will be cut tomorrow, to prevent any news agency from following what will happen.

Suez city is already under siege now. The government cut the water supply and electricity, people, including, children and elderly are suffering there now. The patients in hospitals cannot get urgent medical care. The injured protesters are lying in the streets and the riot police are preventing people from helping them. The families of the killed protesters cannot get the bodies of their sons to bury them. This picture is the same in north Saini (El-Sheikh zoyad city) and in western Egypt (Al-salom). The riot police is cracking down on protesters in Ismailia, Alexandria, Fayoum, Shbin Elkoum, and Cairo, the capital, in many neighborhoods across the city.

The government is preparing to crackdown on the protesters in all Egyptian cities. They are using tear gas bombs, rubber and plastic pullets, chemicals like dilutes mustard gas against protesters. Several protesters today have been killed when the armored vehicles of the riot police hit them. Officials in plain clothes carrying blades and knives used to intimidate protesters. Thugs deployed by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior are roaming the streets of Cairo, setting fire on car-wheels as means of black propaganda to demonize protesters and justify police beatings and state torture

All this has been taken place over the past three days during the peaceful demonstrations in Cairo and other cities. Now, with the suspicious silence of the local media and the lack of coverage from the international media, Mubarak and his gang are blocking all the channels that can tell the world about what is happening.

People who call for their freedom need your support and help. Will you give them a hand?

The activists are flooding the net (youtube and other sites) with thousands of pictures and videos showing the riot police firing on armless people. The police started to use ammunition against protesters. 15-year old girl has been injured and another 25 year old man has been shot in the mouth. While nothing of these has appeared in the media, there is more to happen tomorrow. Will you keep silent? Will you keep your mouth shut while seeing all these cruelty and inhumane actions?

We don’t ask for much, just broadcast what is happening

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Al Jazeera Moves to Crowdsource →


Al Jazeera’s broadcast signal’s been blocked, some of its equipment confiscated and the Internet itself is still down in Egypt but the news organization is calling on bloggers and citizen journalists to submit information and media through its site.

Here for Arabic. And here for English.

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Great Interview on Al Jazeera: US urges reform in Egypt →

PJ Crowley, spokesman for the US state department: “We want to make sure that Egypt is not interfering with the use of social media. That’s a fundamental right as clear as walking into a town square…”

Host: “Beyond social media though, rubber-coated steel bullets are being fired, hundreds are being detained in notorious prisons. Perhaps we should be emphasizing that more than the Twitter and Facebook revolutions…”

Open source is actually nothing new. Sharing of source code was widespread in the early days of computing, when software was not perceived as having market value and most developers were academics. But companies soon discovered that selling proprietary software can be a very profitable business. To recreate a software commons, a group of politically motivated programmers came up with a special usage licence in the early 1980s to ring-fence “free software”, as it was then called.

This approach, known as “copyleft”, as opposed to copyright, languished in obscurity until the internet made it easier for far-flung groups of developers to collaborate—which led to an explosion of open-source activity. Today SourceForge, an online home for such projects, hosts thousands of them. More importantly, open-source software has become an integral part of information technology. In some markets, for instance, Linux is more successful than Windows.

Open-source software: Untangling code | The Economist (via interestingsnippets)

As Autonomist Marxists point out, capital (increasingly) relies upon enclosing the concrete activities of people within its logic — it marketizes, or appropriates, our doings. Open Source software is one recent space in which human productive activity becomes ‘politically motivated’ once capital sinks its fangs into what had previously just been how we did things. From the awkward wording in my last sentence, you can see how I am still grappling with this.

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The trouble with Socialism is that it takes up too many evenings.
Oscar Wilde (via schofio)
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The real opportunity of social networking looks a lot more like Burning Man and WikiLeaks than it does like P&G’s word-of-mouth campaign or whatever Twitter is hatching in its new analytics lab.

We are building the social organism together. That’s all the Internet has been doing from the beginning. But it seems as soon as we develop a new tool or strand of connectivity, it is hijacked by business, robbed of its power, and then replaced by mechanisms that connect us to things, rather than people.

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Reclaim The Cyber-Commons →

They are the online equivalent of enclosure riots: the rick-burning, fence-toppling protests by English peasants losing their rights to the land. When MasterCard, Visa, Paypal and Amazon tried to shut WikiLeaks out of the cyber-commons, an army of hackers responded by trying to smash their way into these great estates and pull down their fences.


Mass Media: Theory vs. Reality


Mass Media: Theory vs. Reality

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